A.R. is a 22-year-old man with a physical disability that affects his mobility. He had been out of work for over three years. A.R. previously only had one job, apart from working in the family restaurant and that lasted for less than three months. He wished to pursue a career in the food industry.

Through the Steps 2 Employment program, A.R. received eight weeks of training in life skills and pre-employment skills, which included resume and cover letter writing and interview preparation. He also received personal job coaching and counselling from his employment facilitator. The team established a relationship with a popular restaurant chain and arranged an interview for a dishwasher position. After a successful interview, A.R. secured the position, and the employer accessed the wage subsidy. Recognizing his dedication, the management allowed him to take on some of the responsibilities of a line cook along with his role as dishwasher. We followed up with A.R. shortly after he got the job – here’s what he told us:

“Hello! I wanted to give you an update since you helped me a ton with getting this job. I’m loving it so far. Some days are a little harder than others due to my health, but that’ll sort itself out over time. Everyone here is super kind and understanding. Also, they have been super helpful with getting me into the swing of things. It’s good to be working in such a positive work environment, and I can’t wait to gain more experience and make my way up through the positions at the restaurant no matter how long it’ll take.” – A.R.