Brian was an experienced truck driver, but after a leg amputation, his career took an unexpected detour. Coping with the loss of a limb, Brian had to determine if trucking would still be a viable career option, regain his confidence as an asset in the workforce and find an employer who would be supportive of his unique situation.

How We Helped

Brian sought the assistance of EmployAbilities in Lac La Biche. An Employment Facilitator worked with Brian to start conversations with local trucking companies and navigate accommodations required to care for his new medical needs: load limits, types of trucks, hours of work and special sleeping accommodations.

Brian says his EmployAbilities Facilitator made sure, “I understood I was valuable and that I should be treated that way”. Working with EmployAbilities was “a great experience!”

Brian tried three different jobs before finding a fit. Within weeks of re-entering the workforce, Brian was taken off income support. His employer is willing to continue modifying equipment so that Brian can stay on as a long-term employee and drive more of the company fleet.

Celebrating Success

Brian was able to re-enter the career he had been enjoying before his amputation. Being back on the job has led to improved health and increased strength. Brian no longer fears to be unable to complete his duties and has been embraced by his co-workers as a valuable asset to their team. EmployAbilities also set Brian up with a support network of others facing similar situations. Brian has become the main source of encouragement for those in the group.