Did you know that, according to Statistics Canada, one in five Canadians has a disability? That is 22% of the population. And over 6 million Canadians over the age of 15 have a disability. That makes up a vast talent pool of adults and youth ready to work. 

If you want to tap into that pool of candidates for your open job vacancies, organizations like EmployAbilities can help. Here are some tips to get started: 

Learn about hiring people with disabilities

The term “disability” is highly diverse and means different things to different people. In addition, many disabilities are invisible. Get informed and broaden your understanding of what disability means. Use respectful language and consider disability awareness training for you and your team. 

Ensure your workplace policy is inclusive

Review your current workplace policy. Does it contain guidelines about your commitment to inclusion, diversity, and accessibility? Do you have a vision for making it more inclusive and accessible? It doesn’t have to be complicated, but ensure your policy is clear and posted on your website where people can see it. 

Remove barriers in the workplace

If you want to create an inclusive workplace, find and remove barriers. Everyone on your staff should have the tools and support they need to succeed. Sometimes barriers can be found in the physical environment, like stairs where there should be a ramp option. But you can remove other barriers too. For example, are you flexible regarding work location, hours, sick days and specific job duties? Is your company culture inclusive, or do you need to clear up misconceptions and stereotypes?

Connect with a community partner

Connecting with an organization like EmployAbilities can help you with the above advice. In addition, our employer programs can guide you through adaptations to create an inclusive workplace. We learn about your labour needs, help you recruit people with disabilities, match you with qualified candidates, provide training, and assist with workplace accommodations if necessary. 

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