If you’re recruiting people with disabilities, and/or are about to interview someone with disabilities, you need to be smart and considerate about the types of questions you ask – or the way you ask them. Here are some DO not ask and INSTEAD ask examples for interview questions:

DO NOT ASK: How bad is your eyesight?

INSTEAD ASK: This job requires taking minutes of weekly meetings. What is your experience in minute taking.

DO NOT ASK: How much mobility do you have outside of your wheelchair?

INSTEAD ASK: Part of this job requires lifting and moving of 25-pound boxes around the warehouse. Are you comfortable doing this?

DO NOT ASK: Have you ever received psychiatric care or been hospitalized for emotional problems?

INSTEAD ASK: Do you have any condition that would affect your ability to do the job?

DO NOT ASK: Tell me about your disability.

INSTEAD ASK: Do you have any condition that we should consider in selecting you for this job?

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