July is Disability Pride Month.

It’s an opportunity to celebrate and raise awareness for folks who experience disability, including their identities and culture, and highlight their incredible contributions to our communities. Disability Pride Month allows us to celebrate diversity and practice inclusion, changing how people think about people with disabilities and unique identities.

“Disability is not only an identity, but also a community with a diverse culture all their own to be proud of and celebrated. Disability culture is about visibility and self-value. Disability Pride Month is a time for recognizing these facts and listening to people with disabilities.”

From Ontario’s Bill 128 – “Disability Pride Month Act, 2023

Did you know that Disability Pride Month has its own unique flag?

  • All six flag colours: Disability spans borders between nations
  • Black background: Mourning for people with disabilities who have died from negligence, mental illness, rebellion and other reasons.
  • Diagonal Band: Cutting across the walls and barriers that separate disabled people from society
  • Red Stripe: Physical disabilities
  • Gold Stripe: Neurodivergence
  • White Stripe: Invisible and undiagnosed disabilities
  • Blue Stripe: Psychiatric disabilities
  • Green Stripe: Sensory disabilities

The flag was designed by Ann Magill in 2019 and revised in 2021 to this current design.

Happy Disability Pride Month!