Hiring people with disabilities has many benefits. It opens up opportunity to a huge pool of quality employees, encourages a diverse workplace and sets you apart as a progressive employer. If you’re an employer creating a job ad for a vacant position and want to recruit persons with disabilities, there are some things you can do.

  • Limit the ad to include just the essential requirements.
  • Use unambiguous, easy to understand language.
  • Indicate accessibility or the company’s policy on diversity. For example, state something like all qualified candidates will be considered or We welcome diversity. This lets a candidates know you are not opposed to hiring a person with disabilities.
  • Take the job vacancy to people with disabilities to give them a chance to apply. Participate in job fairs. Place the ad in publications targeting people with disabilities or send it to agencies that serve people with disabilities. (Like EmployAbilities!)
  • Make the ad available in other formats. Let applicants know that inquiries can be made through TTY or that the ad and company information is available in large print or on the companies website.
  • Train and prepare your staff to handle inquiries from people with disabilities.

For more information and resources, feel free to contact EmployAbilities!