Recruiting people with disabilities can be a great way for business owners to tap into a diverse and talented pool of candidates. EmployAbilities offers programs for employers to help them recruit, hire and train qualified candidates for their open positions.

Here are some tips on how to recruit people with disabilities:

Make your job postings accessible

Ensure that your job postings are accessible to people with disabilities. For example, be inclusive and avoid jargon that might create a barrier for someone interested in applying. Use clear language, show where you stand, and ensure your posting indicates you are an inclusive employer interested in hiring people with different abilities.

Use inclusive language

As mentioned, use inclusive language in your job postings, interviews, and other communication. Avoid using words or phrases that could be considered offensive or stigmatizing to people with disabilities.

Collaborate with disability employment organizations

Partner with local disability employment organizations like EmployAbilities to reach out to potential candidates. We can help you find qualified candidates and provide support during the recruitment process. In fact, we have fully-trained and ready-to-work candidates for your open positions today. View our candidates.

Make your workplace accessible

Ensure that your workplace is accessible to people with disabilities. This includes making physical accommodations such as ramps and accessible bathrooms, as well as providing assistive technologies like screen readers or braille displays if necessary.

You can also prepare to offer accommodations to employees with disabilities to ensure that they can perform their job duties effectively. This could include providing assistive technologies, modifying work schedules, or making physical accommodations.

Provide disability awareness training

Inclusivity training will help your staff understand the needs and abilities of people with disabilities, barriers, and different backgrounds. This can help create a more inclusive and welcoming workplace culture, and ensure your new candidates feel welcomed and comfortable working with your company.

Remember, EmployAbilities offers employer programs to help your business hire people with disabilities. We can assist business owners in creating a more inclusive workplace that attracts and retains talented individuals with disabilities.