Nick Linterman, Owner

Nick’s No Frills Grocery Store – Vegreville

How did you get involved with EmployAbilities?

“The EmployAbilities facilitator, Derek, called the store to set up an appointment to meet with me to talk about the employment program for Persons with Disabilities, and to explain what services are provided to his clients, as well as employers.”

How has EmployAbilities increased your awareness of those with a disability?

“By providing information about the services that are available to employers, like me, to support Persons with Disabilities in the work place, has de nitely increased my awareness. Having Derek come speak to me about a client he was working with, made the choice to hire Dwayne, a no brainer.”

How has having employee(s) with disability enhanced your company’s culture and services?

“Dwayne brightens the place up!” “Customers love Dwayne.” “He works very hard and the staff love having Dwayne around.”

What would you say to someone who is thinking of hiring a person with a disability?

“Give them an opportunity; they’ll surprise you, as to what they can do.”