EmployAbilities’ Learn 2 Earn program is for youth ages 15 through 30. In this program, we equip learners with employability skills, computer training, practical workplace experience, and various certifications. Our goal is to equip entry-level job searchers with the skills they need to seek, find, and obtain meaningful employment.

Some of the certifications we provide include Standard First Aid and CPR, WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System), and Food Safe. These certification programs can assist with job searching. Here’s why:

Best for safety, compliance, and liability

Many entry-level jobs require you to know safety protocols and regulations. Certifications like First Aid and WHMIS ensure you understand how to respond to emergencies and work safely with hazardous materials. These certificates also mean the employer will not have to worry about that training.

In some industries, certifications like WHMIS and Food Safe are legally required. That makes them even more important to have before starting your job search. It makes it easier for you and employers to follow law and workplace safety standards.

In addition, certification like Food Safe helps employers reduce liability. For example, if an employee with Food Safe certification follows proper food handling procedures in a restaurant, it reduces the risk of foodborne illnesses. If customers get sick from the food at a restaurant, it can be costly for the business in terms of legal issues and reputation damage.

You’ll have a competitive advantage

Having certifications sets you apart from other job applicants who might not have them. It shows that you are proactive and prepared for the job. It shows you’ve invested time and effort to be more qualified. And, as mentioned, it also means the employer doesn’t have to pay for or do the training, so you’re an easier choice.

In addition, certifications like Standard First Aid and CPR are valuable across various industries, not just one specific job. This versatility means you can apply for a wider range of entry-level positions. Having it already in your toolkit allows you to cast a wider net.

Advance your career

Furthermore, these certifications can be stepping stones for career advancement. While they are essential for entry-level positions, employers might also need them for higher-level roles or promotions within a company. It makes you more employable by showing a willingness to learn and grow in your career. As a result, you might benefit from more opportunities.

If you’re looking for entry-level work, these certifications can help. That’s why we include them in our programs, including Learn 2 Earn. They enhance your employability, help you stand out in a competitive job market, and open up opportunities for career growth.

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