Many workplaces have transitioned to working remotely, either temporarily or permanently. Depending on the jobs you’re applying for, you might land a position that requires you to work from home. Working remotely will take some adjustment to remain productive, accountable, and maintain a good work-life balance. We’ve gathered some tips for working from home:

Create a regular routine and stick with it

It would help if you created a routine for getting ready for work and then during your workday. That might include waking up, getting ready for the day, having breakfast, and then heading to your home office. Also, try not to do any non-work-related tasks, like laundry or dishes, during work time.

Stick to regular work hours within the routine

It is easy for the line between work time and home time to blur when working from home. Keep your work hours consistent, and outside of those hours, walk away from work. Make sure you’re getting enough time at home for rest and doing the other things you enjoy.

Stay in contact with your workmates

Keep communication open with your employer and your work team. Regular meetings and check-ins will help manage expectations, create to-do lists, encourage collaboration, and increase productivity. If there isn’t something already in place, request a check-in meeting about once a week. Connecting with your co-workers can help beat the feeling of isolation and create a sense of teamwork.

Take breaks!

If you worked in an office or onsite, you would take regular breaks and a lunch break. Make sure to do the same when working at home. It is easy to work through those breaks but better for your productivity and mental health if you don’t.

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