A common misconception is that hiring people with disabilities is more difficult and expensive than hiring people without disabilities. However, hiring someone with a disability is not much different than hiring anyone. Here’s why.

Everyone needs time to learn

The truth is, every employee, whether they have disabilities or not, will need to take time to learn their new job responsibilities. The time that takes varies for every person, regardless of a disability. The successful candidate for your job will have the qualifications you require, with or without disabilities.

It isn’t expensive

Some people with disabilities might indeed require workplace adaptions. However, these accommodations are low or no cost most of the time. For example, the accommodation might be a flexible work schedule, modified duties, or just a quality chair with appropriate back support. This article states that nearly 60% of employers who hire people with disabilities spend nothing on adaptations.

Inclusive workplaces pay off

This report has interesting statistics that show how inclusive workplaces can benefit your business. An inclusive and diverse workforce is twice as likely to exceed financial targets and three times as likely to be high performing. In addition, they’re six times more likely to be agile and innovative and eight times more likely to achieve better business outcomes. That sounds pretty good!

There is support for recruiting and training

Organizations like EmployAbilities can help you recruit and hire people with disabilities. We work with progressive employers to understand your labour needs and remove barriers, so your recruitment process is inclusive. In addition, we will provide training, support workplace adaptations, and help match you with qualified candidates for your positions.

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