You choose any candidate for a job vacancy because they’re the best person for the job. In many cases, a person with a disability might be the best match for a specific job or business need. However, if you don’t recruit a diverse applicant pool, including people with disabilities, you might not find the best person.

Advantages of hiring people with disabilities
  • A diverse workforce can help reach a diverse marketplace. In addition, your employees can provide insight on how to better reach and serve customers with disabilities.
  • That diversity offers more perspectives and ideas, which are essential for problem-solving.
  • People with disabilities are qualified, productive, and want to work.
  • Businesses will find a higher retention rate, which means you’ll find and keep valuable workers longer.
  • A diverse workforce will improve your business’s reputation in the industry. It will show you’re a progressive employer that values inclusion and diversity. This will improve your public image.
Partnering with EmployAbilities

Recruiting and hiring qualified and trained individuals with disabilities is easy when you partner with EmployAbilities. Our employer program can match you with a motivated individual who has received job skills training through one of our programs.

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