From CBC News

The first Bluenose-Ability Film Festival is running in Halifax until Saturday night, showcasing films from around the world that deal with disability issues or culture.

The three-day festival, also called BAFF, was founded by ReachAbility, the non-profit that supports Nova Scotians with disabilities.

“This year is reachAbility’s fifteenth anniversary, and I wanted to offer 15 events for free to our community,” says Tova Sherman, the group’s CEO and co-founder. “BAFF is one of those events.”

The festival received approximately 2,000 submissions of short films from all over the world.  Click below to preview Scars of Shame, which was screened on Thursday night.

A sneak peak of the documentary NOW AVAILABLE on my life with Dermatillomania (a compulsive skin picking disorder). Support us and “Like” the Facebook fan page for Scars of Shame: