Hiring people with disabilities has many benefits. It allows businesses to tap into a larger resource pool, improve workplace culture and staff retention, and offer unique and diverse perspectives. Unfortunately, there are some misconceptions about hiring people with disabilities that might be preventing employers from doing so.

In this article, we debunk these misconceptions and help educate employers on the many benefits of hiring from this talented and qualified pool of potential employees.

Accommodations are too expensive

Accommodations can be relatively inexpensive, and employers can often make them with existing resources. Most of the time, accommodations are free, including a flexible work schedule or allowing employees to work from home. In some cases, accommodations may even result in cost savings for the company.

People with disabilities require more supervision

This is untrue. Many people with disabilities are highly skilled and independent. With proper training and support, they can perform their job duties just as well as anyone else.

People with disabilities are a liability

This is a common misconception. In reality, people with disabilities can be an asset to a company. They bring a unique perspective to the workplace and can contribute to a more diverse and inclusive work environment.

People with disabilities are less productive

False! People with disabilities can be just as productive as anyone else. Studies have shown that people with disabilities are often more loyal and have lower absenteeism rates than non-disabled employees.

Hiring people with disabilities is an act of charity

Hiring people with disabilities is not an act of charity. Instead, it is a business decision that can benefit the company in many ways. These benefits include improving productivity, increasing diversity, and enhancing the company’s reputation.

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