If you’re looking for a job during the pandemic, it’s likely any interviews you participate in will be virtual. Even though you won’t be physically face-to-face with a potential employer, there are still things you can do to ace your digital meeting.

You can find detailed, helpful tips in this article: https://ca.indeed.com/career-advice/interviewing/virtual-interview

Here are the highlights:

  • Test your technology before the interview. For example, if the interview is going to be on Google Hangouts – make sure you know how to use the platform. You can set up a meeting with a friend to practice.
  • Dress professionally. Even though you’re at home, you should still be dressed as though you were meeting face-to-face for the interview. First impressions count!
  • Limit distractions at home. That might mean going into a quiet room that is separated from the rest of the house. Tell the people you live with to please be quiet and respect that space during the interview.
  • Choose a nice room. When you test your tech, make sure your computer camera is pointing towards a professional looking wall. If you need to, move furniture and bring in a house plant to make it look nicer.
  • Use professional body language. Body language still counts, even in a virtual interview.
  • Be yourself! Employers appreciate it when candidates are being their authentic selves.

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