Jamie Lynn Heintz, HR Business Partner

DynaLIFE Edmonton

Heintz said while it’s hard to pinpoint the exact beginning of DynaLIFE’s partnership with EmployAbilities, it “has continued to grow and develop as needs change.” She said the company is particularly proud of supporting the work experience portion of the Restart Your Career.

“Our objective is to ensure that the clients are able to receive comprehensive training that is not only meaningful, but tailored to their needs and also their expectations … Throughout our partnership, we have successfully hired at least six EmployAbilities clients in casual, part-time, and full- time positions.”

Heintz said the partnership allows “the opportunity to build relationships with clients of varying backgrounds and learn from them – they provide us with the ability to open our minds and provide meaningful work for individuals.”

She said employing people with barriers “has resulted in an enhanced accommodation process, strategic workstations and work environment. Our ability to work with individuals who have barriers to the workplace hits home for many of our employees who know or have family that may also face a similar challenge.”

For anyone thinking of hiring someone with a disability, Heintz said, “Take the leap … Our organization has become more diverse…We have seen managers who initially were worried that they wouldn’t have the time to manage an employee with a disability jump at opportunities to support organizations such as EmployAbilities. The level of commitment and dedication that is displayed every day is commendable and we see them integrating and contributing to their respective teams and our organization as a whole.”