Previously trained as an auto parts technician, Stephanie was looking to re-enter the workforce. This time she was facing a few challenges; an accident has resulted in the loss of both her less, the loss of fingers and a brain injury. These barriers didn’t stop her from finding a job where she could make a difference. Stephanie is the social media editor at Sunnyside Realty Ltd. and Parsons Auctions – they’re glad to have help!

Customized Results

Personal Genius: Stephanie enjoys the challenges, problem solving and working with technology.

Employment: Employed since September 2017 at Sunnyside Realty.


  • Some changes needed to be made in the office to create a more accessible workplace. Joint owners of Sunnyside Realty Ltd. and Parsons Auctions said they were happy to make the changes because it meant more help with getting the work done.
  • Stephanie is gradually increasing her duties and hours as she learns the job. She has taken initiative to make suggestions and involve herself more in the operations of the company.
  • Co-workers enjoy working with Stephanie and say she brings new life to the office.
  • Since starting the job, Stephanie has also enjoyed more time out of the house, buying a puppy and starting to volunteer on the board of Blue Heron Support Services to provide input on continued services for persons with disabilities.