Customized Results

Personal Genius: Talayna had experience baking and selling cookies. She knew that she could become more competitive and increase profit margins by transitioning into the pet market.

Self-Employment: Talayna’s Critter Treats opened to provide healthy nutritional dog treats as well as animal bedding.


  • Talayna focuses on providing high quality dog treats and even caters to specific dietary restrictions.
  • Ink-free bedding, for animals such as hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, etc., was also added to her product line. This product is made from newsprint donated by the local newspaper.
  • Talayna’s product feedback is fantastic and her customer survey showed:
    • 90% very satisfied.
    • 100% rated quality has high to very high.
    • 90% rated above average to excellent for value and nutrition.
  • One happy customer stated, “My dog doesn’t like these treats, he loves them, and he was the dog that never eats treats.”