Tricia loves creativity, sewing, and baking and enjoys sharing her talents with others. With a great mind for business, willingness to work hard and the ability to produce a very professional product, Tricia opened TDM Creations. This home-based sewing and baking business was made possible through support from the Customized Employment program offered by EmployAbilities in North Central Alberta.

Customized Results

To accommodate a spinal injury, Tricia needed work that allowed her to take frequent breaks. She also required limited physical exertion and the ability to work standing up. Working from home, at her own pace, helps to care for these needs. EmployAbilities also supported Tricia in building a standing workstation for her sewing and baking.

  • The Customized Employment Program helped Tricia develop a business plan and purchase start-up equipment for her business.
  • Tricia makes and sells fudge, baked goods, and hand-sewn projects at the local farmer’s market.
  • Tricia is looking for opportunities to sell her handmade goods at local stores on consignment and has already found a specialty shop open to her products.
  • Tricia is thrilled to be able to share her talents with others.

“It’s amazing. I’m so excited to begin this journey!” – Tricia