Chris had always dreamed of opening his own tattoo shop. As a fully apprenticed tattoo artist with years of working experience, he was ready to make this dream a reality. With the support of the Customized Employment program offered by EmployAbilities in North Central Alberta, Chris was able to create a business plan, learn business accounting, purchase his start-up equipment and successfully open Tranquil Ink!

Customized Results

As a father, Chris prefers to work a flexible schedule so that he can be available for his son. Business ownership allows him the freedom to choose his own hours. Chris also has ADHD and thrives in a job that is active, creative and dynamic.

  • Chris provides artwork design and tattooing for his clients. He also sells framed artwork in his shop.
  • Chris has great networking skills. While obtaining his business license, he impressed the staff with his talent, friendly nature and tattoo advice. They invited him to display his business card at their office.
  • Chris already has several clients excited to support him with their business.
  • Chris is thrilled to be able to do what he has always wanted to do in a way that works for him.

“EmployAbilities has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’m excited for my future!” – Chris.