If you’re in the middle of a job search and having challenges, don’t lose hope. There are ways to present yourself to employers better and find meaningful employment. Here are some tips:

Rebuild your resume

If you’ve applied for jobs you are qualified for and still don’t hear back from employers, there could be issues with your resume. For example, you might not be highlighting your experience and skills in the best light. Or, there might be mistakes or typos that are off-putting.

Have someone else review your resume before you send it off. EmployAbilities offers resume-building advice, and we can help you create a professional resume that shows what you have to offer.

Write customized cover letters

Online job applications that include a cover letter will get more callbacks than ones that do not. It might seem tedious, but it’s a good idea to customize your cover letter and application for each different job you’re applying for. You want to show employers that you’re the perfect fit. Speak about your relevant experience and skills and why you’d be an asset to their organization.

Upgrade your skills with a training program

Upgrading your skills with a relevant training program can help put you on the right path to employment. For example, perhaps you need to improve your computer skills and learn how to use basic computer software programs. On the other hand, you might require specific certifications like First Aid or Food Safe to be qualified for the positions you are applying for.

EmployAbilities offers various skills training courses that provide new skills and certifications to people with barriers to employment. In addition, we can review your experience and resume and recommend a program that will best equip you for the jobs you’re seeking.

Improve your online presence

If you’ve made an employer’s shortlist, they will likely look you up on social media. Ensure your social media pages are appropriate and professional, especially your LinkedIn profile.

Take some time to clean up your profiles, or if you don’t have one, create a profile on LinkedIn. Then use your new and improved resume to build that profile and expand your online network. Read these tips on how to build a better LinkedIn profile.

Learn more about EmployAbilities job skills training programs across Alberta.