Canadians with disabilities are often referred to as the ‘untapped workforce’.¬† As our country continues to experience economic growth our need for qualified employees in the job market increases.¬† This prosperity requires a greater participation of our ‘untapped workforce’ in the work place.

“While their (Canadian’s with disabilities) situation has improved over time, their employment rate (51%) remains low compared to other Canadians (75%),”¬† stated Phil McColeman, MP in Brant, Ontario in his article regarding the motion M-430 published in the Paris Star Online.

This article also brought to light that gainful employment also leads to social and economic inclusion and results in an overall quality of life for Canadians with disabilities.  There is a need to improve this situation.

MP Phil McColeman tabled a motion that could potentially help improve this situation and call for parliamentary support for the goal of moving the issue forward on a national scale:  M-430 Strengthening Employment for Canadians with Disabilities.

Learn more about motion M-430 Strengthening Employment for Canadians with Disabilities and read the full article.