Computer helpThere is a high demand for skilled workers in your community.  Gain the essential computer and workplace skills you need to take advantage of these rewarding entry level job prospects!

The next Entry Level Skills Training Program starts on April 8th!  It runs Monday to Thursdays from 9:00AM to 4:00PM for 24 weeks.  For more information or to register call 780-423-4106 or email

This program includes:

  • Approximately 300 hours of computer instruction on software programs currently being used in the workplace including Windows XP and Microsoft Office programs.¬† You will also learn the basics of internet and email use and using a keyboard.
  • A wide range of communication, employability skills, and personal development workshops
  • Realistic career planning and job search techniques to assist in finding meaningful employment including:¬† resume writing, cover letter writing, interview skills and job shadowing.
  • Skills training in current workplace procedures, customer service, and¬†life skills.
  • 24 weeks of skills training and 6 month job retention support and follow up.
  • The training concludes with 3 weeks of work experience placement in a position tailored to your skills, interests and career goals.

Who qualifies?  To qualify a candidate must have a disability (visible or non visible), medical condition and/or a barrier to employment.  The candidate must be ready, willing, and able to attend a full time training program, be employable (part time or full time) and have the aptitude to successfully complete the program.

Grant Funding

Eligible applicants may qualify for grant funding for tuition and a living allowance.

To qualify for funding you must:

  • Have not received a grant in the past 4 years
  • Able to commit to 12 months (6 months of training + 6 months working or job search)
  • Be ready, willing, and able to work.
  • Have a realistic job target.

Students receiving funding must attend training regularly, finish all course materials, stay connected with the Program Coordinator, work to find employment; and keep the Program Team aware of any changes to their finances, living situation or employment goals.