Jeremy was referred to Lakeland Employment Services in December 2021. Jeremy came to the program with many barriers, one being mental health. Jeremy was on a two-year medical leave before being referred and still experiences anxiety. The Facilitator knew it would take some time to build a relationship with Jeremy and get him comfortable with returning to work. The Facilitator worked with Jeremy on self-esteem and assertiveness to build a relationship with him.

At the beginning of February, Jeremy said he was ready to seek employment again. In February 2022, Jeremy became a part-time labourer with his previous employer. This opportunity was great for Jeremy because he was familiar with the workplace, and it gave him the chance to build up the confidence that comes from being in the workforce.

By May 2022, Jeremy had hit his three-month employment target. He is still working with Topline Drywall and is working full-time hours now. Jeremy stated that he still has days of anxiety, but he usually can work through it. Jeremy still has work to do but is slowly overcoming his barriers.

Well done, Jeremy!