Now more than ever, businesses need to build resilient teams and respectful workplaces.  In a business climate that is changing and uncertain, building kind and respectful workplaces helps employees be their best and give their best. In this presentation from Charmaine Hammond you will learn:

  • Why kindness can change your corporate culture, employee performance, boost retention and reduce time and money spent on conflict and drama.
  • What a respectful workplace looks like from examples of companies who have successful launched kindness and respectful work initiatives
  • How to create a respectful workplace program… in seven do-able steps.

Registration: $15 – Your registration includes: registration for the event, refreshments, a PDF copy of Charmaine’s new Building a Respectful Workplace book, and one of Toby’s children’s books donated to a school in Edmonton


VIP Registration $35 You registration includes all of the above PLUS:

  • A signed copy of Laurel Vespi’s award winning book To Be Awake: simple principles for mindful & intentional living.
  • A Million Acts of Kindness T-shirt.
  • A digital Success Kit with webinars, articles, audios and other resources… to build your respect and kindness program at work.

Want to bring your team?

10 seats Regular Registration :$150 $135
10 VIP registrations: $350 $335