Finding a job can be challenging, especially for people with disabilities and barriers to employment. Fortunately, disability employment agencies like EmployAbilities exist to provide specialized support, training, and resources to job seekers.

Here are some reasons why partnering with EmployAbilities can help you find the right job.

Specialized support

Our staff are trained to understand the unique challenges that people with disabilities face in the job market. Many of our staff are in that demographic themselves. They can provide tailored support and resources to help job seekers succeed. This includes:

  • Identifying job opportunities that match the job seeker’s skills, experience, and interests
  • Providing advice and guidance on job search strategies
  • Helping job seekers develop job search materials such as resumes and cover letters
  • Providing information on workplace accommodations and accessibility
  • Supporting job seekers throughout the application and interview process

Access to job opportunities

EmployAbilities builds connections with employers who are committed to diversity and inclusion, including hiring people with disabilities. We can help job seekers access job opportunities that might not be advertised elsewhere. This includes:

  • Access to job postings from employers who have partnerships with us or have reached out to us
  • Referrals to employers who are known for their commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • Help in identifying and pursuing job opportunities in a range of industries

Accommodations and accessibility

EmployAbilities can work with employers to ensure that job seekers have the accommodations and accessibility they need to succeed in the workplace. This includes:

  • Identifying workplace accommodations that will enable the job seeker to perform the essential functions of the job
  • Providing assistive technology to enhance job performance
  • Working with employers to create flexible work arrangements that meet the needs of the job seeker
  • Helping job seekers navigate the process of requesting accommodations from employers

Job skills training

We provide job readiness training to help job seekers develop the skills they need to succeed in the job market. This includes:

  • Training on resume writing, cover letter writing, and job search strategies
  • Interview preparation and coaching
  • Workplace etiquette and professionalism training
  • Soft skills training such as time management, communication, and teamwork

It also includes specific hard skills training, including computer and computer software, first aid and CPR, and various certificates and licenses required of today’s employers. You can learn more about our wide range of training programs.

Ongoing support

EmployAbilities can provide ongoing support to job seekers even after finding a job. This includes:

  • Assistance in negotiating accommodations with employers
  • Help in addressing any issues that arise in the workplace
  • Support in maintaining employment and career success over time

If you’re facing barriers to employment, reaching out to EmployAbilities can be a great first step. Learn more about our client programs and services, which are offered in communities throughout Alberta.

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