There are many business benefits to hiring people with disabilities. For example, employing people with disabilities can actually increase profits, improve the company’s reputation, and lead to increased customer loyalty.

Keep reading to learn more about how hiring people with disabilities can benefit your company.

Increase profits

First and foremost, employing individuals with disabilities can lead to increased profits. *Studies have shown that companies prioritizing diversity and inclusion have higher financial returns than their less diverse counterparts. Hiring individuals with disabilities can tap into an often-overlooked talent pool, bringing unique perspectives and skills to enhance the company’s overall performance.

Additionally, accommodating employees with disabilities can result in a more loyal and dedicated workforce. Overall, this can reduce turnover and save time and money on recruitment and training costs.

Improve reputation

Employing people with disabilities can improve the company’s reputation and increase customer loyalty. In today’s society, many people expect companies to prioritize diversity and inclusion. By hiring individuals with disabilities, a company can demonstrate its commitment to these values. This commitment can potentially attract a more diverse customer base and increase customer loyalty.

Furthermore, disabled employees can provide valuable insights into the needs and preferences of customers with disabilities, helping the company to create more accessible and inclusive products and services.

Lost-cost or no-cost

It is important to note that accommodations for employees with disabilities often cost less than employers might expect. Many accommodations are low-cost, such as flexible schedules or software that can increase accessibility. Additionally, employers may be eligible for tax credits for accommodating employees with disabilities. These credits will further reduce the financial burden. The cost of accommodations should not deter hiring individuals with disabilities.

Employing individuals with disabilities can bring a wide range of benefits to your company and is a smart business decision. If you’re not sure where to start your recruitment process, reach out to EmployAbilities. We offer programs and support to progressive employers wanting to hire people with disabilities throughout Alberta.

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