Hiring individuals with disabilities can benefit your company in many ways. But unfortunately, many employers have misconceptions about this demographic. In this article, we will debunk five common myths about hiring people with disabilities.

Myth #1: Accommodating employees with disabilities is too expensive.

The truth is that accommodating employees with disabilities often costs less than employers might expect. Many accommodations are low-cost. For example, they can include flexible schedules, ergonomic equipment, or software that can increase accessibility. Additionally, employers may be eligible for tax credits for accommodating employees with disabilities.

Myth #2: Employees with disabilities are less productive than people without disabilities

There is no evidence to support this misconception. On the contrary, employees with disabilities are just as productive as their peers when given the proper support and accommodations. Many disabled employees bring unique skills and perspectives to the table, which can enhance the company’s overall performance.

Myth #3: Hiring people with disabilities will hurt the company’s bottom line.

Employing individuals with disabilities can increase profits by tapping into an often-overlooked talent pool. It can also improve the company’s reputation as an inclusive employer. Hiring people with disabilities can increase customer loyalty, as people are more likely to support businesses that prioritize diversity and inclusion.

Myth #4: Employees with disabilities will require more time off and medical leave.

Studies have shown that employees with disabilities take less time off than their non-disabled peers. Furthermore, they are often more committed to their jobs and have lower turnover rates. Employing individuals with disabilities can actually save employers time and money.

Myth #5: Only specific jobs are suitable for people with disabilities.

This misconception is simply untrue. People with disabilities can excel in various roles, from customer service to shipping and receiving to software development. With suitable accommodations and support, they can be as successful as their able-bodied counterparts.

At EmployAbilities, we know that hiring individuals with disabilities can be a win-win for both employees and employers. By challenging these common misconceptions and creating an inclusive workplace, companies can tap into an often-overlooked talent pool. Overall, they can improve their bottom line by hiring people with disabilities.