Finding trained, qualified and committed employees can be tough if you’re looking to fill vacant positions within your business. EmployAbilities can offer solutions to help you tap into a diverse and often overlooked workforce.

Here are five ways EmployAbilities can assist you in filling your labour shortages:

Trained candidates are ready to work!

EmployAbilities offers job skills training programs to people with disabilities and barriers to employment. As such, we have access to skilled, qualified and pre-trained candidates who are ready and willing to work. By connecting with this untapped workforce, you can address your staffing shortages with skilled and motivated individuals. View available candidates from our Learn 2 Earn program!

Diversity helps your business grow.

Did you know that at least 1 in 7 working-age Albertans have a disability, mental health barrier, or medical condition? That makes employing this diverse workforce a strategic advantage. People with disabilities and other challenges represent billions of dollars in purchasing power. By embracing diversity, your business can attract a broader customer base and foster growth.

Potentially lower your hiring costs.

EmployAbilities’ employer programs allow you to lower your hiring costs. Take advantage of a potential 50% wage subsidy for the first 12 weeks of employment. Your candidates will come through our training program, which can lower training costs, too. This subsidy can help you welcome skilled individuals into your team while easing the financial burden.

Strengthen your reputation as an inclusive employer!

Employing a diverse workforce can enhance your business’s reputation. By being inclusive, you are positioning your company as socially responsible. Studies consistently show that consumers are more likely to spend money at businesses championing diversity and inclusiveness.

Improve employee retention

Employee retention is a critical aspect of a thriving business. Studies reveal that employees with disabilities have an 80% lower turnover rate compared to those without disabilities. They are ready to get to work! By fostering an inclusive and supportive workplace environment, EmployAbilities helps you attract and retain dedicated and loyal employees.

Get the support you need for integration.

EmployAbilities doesn’t just connect employers with potential employees. We provide resources and support to ensure a smooth onboarding process. Our team has decades of experience in disability employment. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with diverse hiring. We’ll help you navigate onboarding and get your new workers settled into their new roles.

Partner with EmployAbilities, fill those labour shortages and thrive in a competitive business market. We can help you turn those workforce shortages into opportunities for growth and success for both you and your new employees.