CNIB applauds Government of Alberta for continued investments in areas that could positively impact visually-impaired


Increases to specific programs in Alberta Health, Alberta Human Services could help reduce gaps in care for blind and partially-sighted Albertans.

EDMONTON – The Alberta division of CNIB, which provides primary rehabilitative care to the visually-impaired, is encouraged to see continued investments in areas that could positively impact the lives of over 53,000 Albertans who are blind or partially-sighted. Some highlights from an initial review of Budget 2015 include:

  • Alberta Health
    • Continued investments in Supplemental Health Benefits: CNIB presently receives funding to provide assistive technology to individuals who need it the most.
    • Increased investments in Community Programs and Healthy Living: CNIB believes there are opportunities to be better integrated as a community agency to ensure that no Albertan with vision loss is left behind.
  • Alberta Human Services
    • Increased investments in programs supporting persons with disabilities: CNIB currently receives grant funding to operate a wide range of rehabilitative programming for Albertans who are blind or partially-sighted.
    • Maintaining the monthly income benefit through AISH will assist individuals with severe disabilities including vision loss.

“Despite a tough economic climate, the Government of Alberta has stepped up to ensure continued support for vulnerable Albertans,” said John McDonald, the organization’s executive director. “We look forward to working with Alberta Health and Alberta Human Services and ensuring that this support is invested in enabling Albertans with vision loss.”

“With timely access to sustainable rehabilitative care, we know that Albertans with vision loss can lead happy, independent lives.”

CNIB continues to engage with Albertans on what the future of the province should look like for the visually-impaired. The #WeHaveAVision campaign is already receiving responses through Twitter and Facebook and will continue for another four weeks.

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