Laura was thrilled to open her own treat making business, Seraphim Sweets. Through the Customized Employment program in North Central Alberta, Laura was able to develop a business plan, purchase equipment and share her skills and talents. Laura plans to pursue her passion for baking further by attending a culinary arts program in college next year.

Customized Results

Personal Genius: Laura wanted to make candy and showed strong skills in creativity and baking.

Self-Employment: Laura attended her first market in December 2017 to introduce her home-based business Seraphim Sweets. Self-employment allows flexibility for Laura to manage her hours, select markets and maintain creative control of her sweets.


  • Laura prepares baked goods, candies and treats to sell at farmers markets. She opened locally and has already expanded to a second community market.
  • Laura profited over $400 on her first market!
  • Laura plans to expand her offerings to include homemade dog treats as she also loves animals.
  • Laura says that her favourite part of the job is having creative control. She gets to decide what to make and how to make it!
  • Laura is supported by her family, friends and has a temporary support worker to help her transition to work.