EJ_PROMO_Logo_Stacked_CMYKThe Edmonton Journal has been a champion behind Edmonton community stories for over 100 years. Known as a leader in their ability to embrace the entire Greater Edmonton community despite the diverse culture, geography and demands, the Edmonton Journal acknowledges the need to involve all aspects of the community.

The Edmonton Journal has been a strong partner and supporter of EmployAbilities and the need to increase awareness of persons with disabilities, as a reliable source of experienced labour for a number of years.  in particularly the Career and Job Find Supershow, bringing together employers with potential new employees, creating the an opportunity for persons with disabilities to meet face to face with hiring managers, and address the skills, abilities and experience they would bring to the employers workforce.

The EmployAbilities Community Initiative Award of Distinction recognizes the Edmonton Journal for their contribution in identifying, supporting, promoting and increasing awareness of the abilities of persons with disabilities.