EmployAbilities is now taking registrations for the spring session of our Entry Level Skills Training Program.  This 6 month skills training program, certified through Alberta Human Services provides graduates with the skills to become employed in entry-level positions within computerized environments.

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You might already have a job, but maybe it’s not the job you want.  You know you’re more capable, could expand your horizons, and move further into a more meaningful career.  The question is:  how do you get from here…to there?

The Entry Level Skills Training Program can help you.  Not only will it give you new skills required to move up in the workforce, it can also help you grow in your current job or help you chose a career.  Beyond that, EmployAbilities works with progressive employers to find persons with disabilities job placement within a company and position that will be a good match for both the employee and the employer.

A Testimony

Connie has worn hearing aids since she was 13 years old.  Throughout her life she has never let her hearing loss get in the way of opportunity.

“I always come up with a solution.  I don’t let my get in the way,” said Connie.

Although Connie had already had good experience working with children and teaching them sign language, she wanted to pursue something different and embrace new challenges.  Connie enrolled in the Entry Level Skills Training Program.

“It’s given me the opportunity to learn computer skills and try something different,” she said.

After she completed the program, EmployAbilities arranged a work placement with Alberta Health Services’ Contracting Procurement and Supply Management department.  She was placed at the Royal Alexandra Hospital for a three week term.  Over the course of that term, Connie worked with several employees in that department who acted as mentors.  She gained experience sorting and distributing mail, delivering medical equipment and restocking supplies for various unites of the hospital.  EmployAbilities provided a sign language interpreter two days a week to help her understand some of the technical details of the position.

The manager of Workplace Diversity for Alberta Health Services, Wayne Labonte, said that this program provides a combination of strong candidates and great mentorship opportunities for employers.

“We are excited about participating in this program because it gives skilled, mature adults a chance to explore a new career path in the heath-care field,” said Labonte.

The job placement at the Royal Alexandra Hospital turned into a permanent position for Connie.  This is another great success story of a graduate of the Entry Level Skills Training program and a strong placement with a progressive employer in our community.

Connie commented that the staff in her department are awesome, that she’s been teaching them sign language and that they’re picking it up pretty fast!

Enroll Today!


Enroll in the EmployAbilities Entry Level Skills Training Program today!

This program includes:

  • Approximately 300 hours of computer instruction on software programs currently being used in the workplace
  • A wide range of communication, employability skills, and personal development workshops
  • Realistic career planning and job search techniques to assist in finding meaningful employment
  • Skills training in current workplace procedures, customer service, and life skills
  • 24 weeks of skills training and 6 month job retention support and follow up
  • Full time Monday to Thursday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Who qualifies? To qualify a candidate must have a disability (visible or non visible), medical condition and/or a barrier to employment. The candidate must be ready, willing, and able to attend a full time training program, be employable (part time or full time) and have the aptitude to successfully complete the program.

Eligible applicants may qualify for grant funding for tuition and a living allowance.