From “The Pulse” – Human Services Internal Newsletter

PPattiatti’s story is a reminder that as Human Service staff, we reach out through our programs and other agencies to provide wrap-around services.  These services help people address various areas of their home and community life including living environment, basic needs, safety, and social, health and emotional needs.  The goal is to help people maintain their housing and be successful in life.

Patti was overcome by poverty, homelessness, addiction and hopelessness until she started to receive wrap-around services.  Career and Employment Consultants at Lac La Biche Alberta Works Centre Mental Health and Addiction Services, a women’s shelter and EmployAbilities all supported Patti on her healing journey.

A specialized assessment resulted in a proper diagnosis and recommendations for Patti’s future.  With the help of community partners, she learned about her abilities and the realities of living with a disability and other health issues.

With the support of the local programs, Patti’s determination to rise about the trauma she experienced throughout her life paid off.  Today, Patti is married, raising two beautiful girls and attending the Bachelor of Social Work program.