During a Job Search 101 Workshop, the facilitator noticed one of the participants fidgeting with some coloured paper. He wasn’t distracting anyone at all, and the facilitator guessed that maybe because the participant had Autism, he was using the paper as one of his coping mechanisms for processing information during the session.

During the break, he showed the facilitator and other participants what he was creating with the coloured paper. It was origami! He explained to the group that he did origami to keep himself busy and alert.

At the end of the workshop, he presents his finished creation to the facilitator and says that it relates to himself and the other participants who have disabilities and/or barriers. He said, “we may not be perfect individually, but we are perfect when we are together.”

This was symbolized by his origami piece, which was made of different sizes and colours of paper connected to create something whole and beautiful. This was an enlightening perspective and a great message!