A Letter from a Graduate of the Entry Level Employability Skills Program

I remember my first day at EmployAbilities.¬† I was very nervous.¬† I had no concept of what I was actually getting into.¬† Slowly, I got the feel of the place and the people in it.¬† My concern about not fitting in and not excelling dissipated.¬† Everyone was here for the exact same reason…to become someone.¬† The staff was like no other.¬† I never met a group of people work so hard to see others succeed.

I always knew I was an intelligent hard worker, but I hadn’t been put to the test in a long while.¬† EmployAbililies showed me just what I’m capable of doing.¬† My entire attitude has changed.¬† I’ve gained more confidence and feel like I can move mountains.¬† I know, without a doubt, I will get my dream job and make a difference in the world.¬† My life has not been an easy one and I’ve never given up.¬† I don’t plan on it now.

Thank you one and all for making this a very memorable experience.  I will make sure you are all aware of how university is going and what place of employment I get.

You have all changed my life…for the better!