If you’re a small business, you want to make the most of the labour market to fill staff shortages and succeed. There is a massive pool of qualified people in the job market that employers often overlook. Hiring people with disabilities has several business benefits.

Here are five:

Find high-quality employees

People with disabilities are hard workers. The Institute for Corporate Productivity published a report stating that 75% of employers ranked their disabled employees as good or very good regarding integrity, motivation, work quality and reliability.

Statistically, people with disabilities stay at their jobs for longer periods and are loyal to businesses that offer accommodations and a positive work environment.

Expand market reach

People with disabilities will give your company a unique perspective and access to a huge share of the market! They understand what it’s like to live with a disability and can draw in customers with similar barriers.

Improve company reputation

Hiring people with disabilities shows that you’re an inclusive employer that values diversity in the workplace. Your customers and employees will appreciate that you care for the community and commit to creating safe, comfortable, and productive workspaces for everyone.

Accommodations are easy and low/no cost

Employers might worry that accommodating a worker with disabilities will be complicated and costly. This is a myth. Many people with disabilities do not require special accommodation, and often accommodation is low-cost or free. For example, someone might need a flexible work schedule, hours, or a special chair to do their job comfortably. In addition, making simple accommodations will increase workplace comfort, morale, employee engagement, and productivity.

Tax benefits

Tax breaks are available from the government for businesses that hire people with disabilities. For example, you can get tax credits for accessible additions and accommodations you might install to support your employees. Also, additional credits might be available for employers that hire people with special employment needs.

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