Farewell letter written by Rolando Vergara who retired from EmployAbilities at the end of March. 

I am writing these lines to express my profound gratitude to all the members of EmployAbilities Team for your understanding, kindness and camaraderie during all these years we worked together.

I have taken the time to read and read again all your little notes that you wrote to me.  I would like to thank everyone for your sincere and heartfelt retirement wishes. I would like to thank some of you for reminding me of some trivial, but very memorable events we lived together. I would like to thank others for revealing me in the most candid way how I touched your own lives and telling me your impressions about me and the way you saw me. I appreciate very much your honesty and acknowledgments.

I take this opportunity to thank once more to the Social Committee for organizing the excellent lunch and for the gift and the meaningful card, and of course I thank Jason Loewer, the Executive Director, for paying the lunch bill.

I couldn’t finish these words without mentioning Theresa for the beautiful poem she wrote to me. I will frame it and will put it on a prominent place in my computer room. Also, I want to say thank you to Wendy for the Zinfandel wine. Now, I know Wendy and I share the same wine making craft. My father was a wine maker in Chile so that I come from a wine making family. And finally, thank Jay for giving me back one of our popular training quotes “Follow the river and you will arrive to the sea”. Thank Jay for your tremendous assistance, loyalty and infinite patience to help our clients.

If I were a famous soccer player I would probably had chosen to retire in a stadium field, but since I have been a teacher all my life the perfect place for me to retire was in a training room with my students or perhaps at the Graduation Ceremony of Restart Your Career Program. And it happened as I dreamed of and for that I would like thank Faye, our Program Director, for allowing me to present the Special Awards for Computer Training. Thank Faye for your leadership, wisdom and gracious concession.

In closing, I think what really makes life interesting is that after every ending there is always a new beginning. Yesterday, I retired to put an end to my teaching career and today I am ready to begin a new and more exciting phase in my life. New dreams are already blooming in my spring.

Ciao a tutti!
Hasta la Vista !