Writing a resume during the COVID-19 pandemic will look different than writing it in ‘normal’ times. For one, jobs will be different and so will the hiring process. Many jobs will be moved from the physical workplace to a remote one. Or, they will be done differently than before to follow public health restrictions and guidelines. Tailoring your resume to best suit today’s work environment and hiring process will be beneficial to you.

In this article, https://www.indeed.com/career-advice/resumes-cover-letters/covid-19-resume, they give some solid tips for writing a resume during the pandemic.

Highlights include:

  • Review your current resume format and adjust if needed
  • Change your resume objective to reflect what is happening in the world
  • Make sure the points on your resume show that you have the skills they are looking for as mentioned in the job description you’re applying for.
  • Show how your experience relates to each specific job
  • Make sure the resume is simple to read

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