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Tips for improving your resume and cover letter

If you’re a job seeker with a disability, you can find meaningful employment that suits your skills and abilities. Knowing how to highlight your strengths, and some benefits of hiring people with disabilities will help employers notice you when going through applicants.

Here are some things you can add to your resume if they apply to you. Go through the list and ask yourself if they apply, and how you can add them to your cover letter or resume.

The ability to relate to a diverse range of customers

Being able to provide good customer service is a skill many employers are looking for. If you have experience and skills dealing with customers, be sure to add them to your cover letter. This includes experience helping people who face challenges in learning, mobility, communication, or working styles.

Describe your problem-solving skills

As a person with a disability, you have had to learn to adapt and solve problems throughout your life. You are probably experienced with it comes to rising up to meet challenges. Be sure your future employer knows this about you.

Share the benefits of hiring people with disabilities

There are so many business benefits to hiring people with disabilities. In your cover letter or in the interview, share these benefits. Inclusive employers build a good public image and every benefit from a diverse workforce. Plus, they are tapping into a talented workforce that can help solve their labour shortage problems.

Keep your resume and cover letter updated

It’s a good idea to update your resume and cover letter for every job you are applying for. Remember to understand the type of job you want, and match that search with available positions. Show employers your skills and abilities on your resume, and don’t be shy about bragging about your accomplishments in your cover letter and at the interview.