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Technology can create employment opportunities for persons with disabilities

Technology is creating employment opportunities for people with disabilities. At EmployAbilities North, we are offering a new online program called Virtual Connections. This program equips participants with the computer and digital skills they need to compete in an online, remote workforce.

Using regular technology like a computer and the internet can open up doors for people. However, there are many new tools that can help tackle old barriers. For those entering the physical workplace, they might need assistive technology to help them perform a work function that would otherwise be challenging.

Assistive technology isn’t necessarily complex. For example, a proper chair and seat cushion might help a person with back issues sit to do their job more effectively.

There is, however, assistive technology that is considered high-tech. The latest advances in artificial intelligence, speech recognition, and virtual reality could open new doors to people with disabilities.

There are also technologies that can improve the workplace experience for everyone while providing accessibility to those who face barriers. This could include lights that come on automatically when someone enters a room, automatic doors, adjustable desks, and voice controlled thermostats.

This article shares some really cool ideas on how technology is creating new employment opportunities for people with disabilities.