Valerie has a passion for beauty and loves to help people feel beautiful and self-confident. With her gel nail certification already in hand, she wanted to expand her skills and increase her opportunities in the personal care sector. Through the Customized Employment program offered by EmployAbilities in North Central Alberta, Valerie was able to take eyelash courses, purchase equipment and successfully start her own small business doing lashes and gel nails from home.

Customized Results

Through her business, Valerie has found a way to share her talents and pursue a career while also managing the challenges of fibromyalgia. The flexibility of self-employment allows her to rest in between days of work, limit the amount of clients per day and the ability to perform most duties sitting down.


  • Valerie provides eyelash extensions, lifts, tints, eyebrow tints and gel nails from her home studio.
  • Valerie plans to partner with a local event planning shop to offer services to their clientele and with local photographers to be able to offer enhancements at a discounted rate for their customers.
  • Valerie has already completed several nails and lashes sets in her new business!
  • Valerie is “excited to be able to do what she wants to do in a way that works for her”.