Photo from ThaiTech

Most people take simple things like making a phone call or playing a game on their smartphone for granted. But for many who are physically disabled, neither of these things can be done without the help of someone else. Sesame Smartphone hopes to change all of that.

The Sesame smartphone is believed to be the first smartphone that’s completely hands-free. The device is currently being developed by Sesame Enable, an Israeli company. Using advanced technology, the Sesame phone would allow people with cerebral palsy, ALS, spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities to control the smartphone with head movements.

Sesame Enable has been working on their hands-free smartphone, a modified Google Nexus 5, for three years. The phone comes equipped with head-tracking technology that tracks head movements and allows users to control a cursor on the screen. This cursor acts as a sort of virtual finger, opening up all the same functionalities as a typical smartphone.