At Alberta Supports, Lac La Biche

Wednesdays from 1: 30-3 pm


October 24 2018: Understanding People Types

Discover why people have different reactions to the same situation

October 31 2018: How to Make Your Tiny Paycheck Stretch

Find cost savings while learning tips and tricks on budgeting

November 7 2018: What Job Do You Want? How Do You Get that Job?

Discover your skills and how they can be put to work in a job that actually interests you

November 14 2018: Getting Out of the Rut

Learn strategies to get back on the road to success

November 21 2018: Moving from the Couch to Work/Your Brag Book

A full day workshop (9am-3pm) to learn about what motivates you and how to sell that to employers

November 28 2018: Invest in Yourself!

Learn how to market your skills and abilities to employers

December 5 2018: How to Talk to People that Driver You Nuts!

Learn how to speak to that “know-it-all” at work

December 12 2018: The Ying and Yang of Life

Understanding work/life balance; tips and tricks for time management, self-care and prioritization

December 19 2018: Share your Success Stories

Christmas Open House: come and share your life successes!

January 9 2019: New Year’s Resolutions

Learn how to set goals that you can actually achieve