If you want to make your workplace accessible to people with disabilities, you should consider introducing accommodations. The most important supports you can provide for employees with disabilities is disability awareness training for staff and workplace/equipment modifications.

Reasons to introduce accommodations

  • You can expand the labour pool by including all potential candidates when seeking the best person for the job.
  • To increase the participation of people with disabilities throughout the organization.
  • To reintegrate a staff member returning to work following an accident or illness.
  • To provide an accessible, safe and healthy working environment for everyone!

When requirements change

Keep in mind that requirements can change for your employees. A person with a disability might need new accommodations as they age or as the disability enters a different phase. A simple job change can also create new requirements for accommodation. Ensure your workplace environment is one where people feel comfortable speaking freely. So they can be frank about the accommodations they may or may not need.

Remember that things like hours, location and technology are all considered important accommodations for people with disabilities.