Myth:  Hiring people with disabilities will cost too much money.

Although employers might have to purchase assistive technology and/or equipment to accommodate an employee with disabilities, the cost is very minimal.  In many cases, it is no more than it would be hiring a person without disabilities.  In fact, most accommodations can be purchased for less than $500 dollars.  Examples of accommodations are ergonomic chairs, keyboards or enlarged monitors to assist those who might suffer back pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or a sight disability.

If there is a cost, it would be in the time required to prepare your staff team to welcome the new employee with disabilities.  EmployAbilities offers sensitivity training to your employees free of charge.  You and your employees will find it informative and useful at the workplace and in the community as well.

shaking handsThe benefits to hiring a person with disabilities are many!  With the help of EmployAbilties’ services you will be able to find and retain capable workers.  Find qualified candidates that have all the skills, knowledge, and abilities to perform the job and fit in your workplace culture.

All your staff will benefit from diversity in the workplace.  You will be creating a welcoming and productive environment that supports flexibility and sensitivity to individual differences.  Employee satisfaction is closely related to the work environment and culture.  This could result in lower absentees and staff turn over from all of your employees, and this could impact your bottom line.

Most job seekers are looking for employers with an open attitude, who are respectful of individual needs and prepared to be flexible in deciding how the job gets done.  When Canadians are asked what is very important in a job, ‘pays well’ is low on their list” – Katherine Harding & Dawn Walton, The Globe and Mail.

It’s important to remember that people with disabilities are customers too.  They are just as likely to require your products or services as anyone else.  By hiring persons with disabilities you are showing your support of diversity and flexibility, and in essence opening up your businesses doors to a larger customer base.  You’re making a good impression on the business community and in the marketplace.

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