What sort of barriers to employment does EmployAbilities work with?
EmployAbilities assists individuals with visible (a disability that one can visually see) and non-visible disabilities (one which you cannot see such as dyslexia). We also assist those with other barriers to employment such as various medical conditions.

Are we required to purchase assistive technology?
Assistive technology is already commonly used in the workplace when one takes a moment to reflect on it.  For instance, ergonomic chairs and keyboards as well as enlarged monitors are frequently used in offices to prevent back pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and eye strain. In short, when one takes a moment to sit back and reflect on this, hiring a person with a disability would be no different than hiring an able-bodied individual!

Are there any additional costs to hiring someone with a disability or barrier to employment?
No there are no additional costs!  The costs are minimal.  In fact – most accommodations can be arranged for under 100.00.  If there is a cost, it’s in the time required to prepare staff.  Sensitivity training may only take around a day and may be arranged free of charge through EmployAbilities. Those who have taken this training found it useful and informative both on and off the job!

As an employer, what am I responsible for when hiring a person with a barrier to employment?

You would have no additional responsibilities than that of an employer hiring an able bodied person!

What level of accommodation is needed when hiring a person with a barrier to employment?
Contrary to belief, the employers who have hired someone with a disability or barrier to employment will tell if an accommodation was required it was minimal.

What services are offered in regards to ensuring the transition goes smoothly for both the employer as well as the employee?
EmployAbilities wants to make sure the transition goes as smoothly as possible for both the client and employer. Therefore,  staff are always available to both parties to assist with making any transition a success! All at no cost to the employer!

What are the benefits of hiring someone with a disability?
It makes¬†sound business sense for an employer to have diversity in their workplace.  Companies with such diversity are seen as dynamic, progressive and responsible – by consumers and job seekers alike.