Computer helpEmployment and Retention Enhancement Services (ERES) through EmployAbilities develops employment opportunities for employees with disabilities based on the type of employment they require.  ERES provides task assessment services and funding sources that meet each individual’s needs and goals as well as the employer’s hiring and retention expectations.  We are maintain the highest level of service, look after the tiniest detail, and work one on one with employees and employers.  This high level of service ensures that the job match between employee and employer remains successful.

ERES uses employment based task assessments, job coaching, specialized learning supports and prompt accommodations to bring together employees with disabilities and employers, making the hiring process easy and efficient.  We also assist with any retention issues an employer might be having with an employee with a disability.

Job coaching for persons with disabilities is very effective, especially when an employee with a disability is experiencing difficulty completing their tasks or improving social behaviors.  A job coach will also enter the workplace to identify accommodations that are required if the employee is struggling with a job task due to a disability related barrier or change in a medical or health condition.

Who We Serve

For employees:  ERES helps employees with disabilities discover supports that will help them defeat personal challenges to completing certain tasks in the workplace.  We will help them with adjusting to work, learning new job duties, assimilating into the employment culture and furthering job retention.

For employers: Services are also offered to employers of persons with disabilities.  We will assist with the orientation of new employees with disabilities to the workplace, help address performance issues with challenging employees, and enhance hiring and retention of employees with disabilities.

Alberta Government Services include providing auto formatting of written materials such as Alberta Government Manuals that are used for short term training and certification.  We also provide specialized learner supports and visual cueing during exam presentations for employees with disabilities that require the support.

Employment & Retention Enhancement Services

These services include:

  • Employment Based Assessment Services
  • Job Coaching Intake
  • Employment Base Assessment Intake
  • Worksite Based Assessment Development
  • Task Development
  • Worksite Job Coaching
  • Learner Material Modification
  • Specialized Learner Supports
  • Retention Intake Assessment

Details on these services will be outlined soon.  Stay tuned!