Article from the Globe & Mail

Chair, Accessibility Committee, TD Bank Group

Every day, Canadians with disabilities face unique challenges when performing various activities, such as using public transportation, navigating communication technologies, seeking employment and doing daily tasks at work.

This year, the federal government is scheduled to bring into effect its long-anticipated legislation to address these challenges and advance accessibility standards for people with disabilities across the country.

However, the reality is that private organizations also have a responsibility to build accessibility into their business practices and decision-making processes.

Fostering an environment where disabilities are no longer considered limitations

The number of people who identify as having a disability in Canada is on the rise – many are unable to hold a job or work at a company for various reasons, such as workplaces that are physically inaccessible or have discriminatory hiring practices.

Discussions about whether to make workplaces accessible are important and should centre on individual abilities versus disabilities and on celebrating each other’s differences.