Workshop Schedule Jan 2014

Workshop Descriptions

Resume Critique
Meet with an Employment Coach 1 on 1 to review your resume.

Basic Introduction to Computers
Learn computer components, powering up, username/passwords, logging on, elements of the desktop, logging off and shut down.

Basic Keyboarding Skills
Introduction to the keyboard, exploring different keys and their functions, practice typing to increase accuracy. Assess typing speed-WMP and KSPH.

E-mailing and Attaching Documents
Learn email providers, how to set up a new account, email homepage, left lane, center lane, sending email attaching files and logging out.

Internet and Navigation Tools
Learn the internet, basic internet terms, domain format, elements of webpage, my favorites, search engines and google.

Resume Editing on MS Word
Learn how to edit your resume on MS Word.

Resume Development for Beginners:
Learn how to develop basic resume writing skills.

Disclosing  Disability
Develop an effective strategy for disclosing your disability or medical condition to an employer.

Social Media

Learn how to use Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Pinerest. Online and Cell Phone Etiquette.

Basic Introduction to MS Word.
Identify the purpose of the commands on the menu bar. Explain the difference between copy and cut, copy, cut and paste text. Work with the buttons on the toolbar. Work with the pointer in a program. Work with text and characters in a program. Explain the use of primary keyboard shortcuts and key combinations. Perform basic tasks by using word processor. Edit and format text. Work with pictures. Work with language tools (spell check, dictionary, thesaurus) Identify the various benefits of using word processing software.

Employment Standards
Learn employee and employer’s rights in the workplace.

Dealing with Change.
We all face change. Learn how to work with change more effectively.

Getting Started
How to start making changes: in order to be the best that you can be.

Job Maintenance:
You got the job! Now what? Learn strategies on how to keep the job.

Self Esteem:
What do I think of myself? Ways to raise your self Esteem & feel better about yourself.

Internet Job Search
Learn traditional job search strategies. Learn the different types of online job sites. Learn how to choose an online job site. The “Dirty Dozen” online search mistakes. Online job search gadgets and widgets. Post your resume online. Make your resume “Cyber-Safe”. Learn virtual career fairs and personal online resume websites. Learn how to research online job search resources.